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Air conditioning production line

The air conditioning production line is suitable for the assembly and production of internal and external units of air conditioning. Suitable for commercial air conditioning units, household air conditioning, window air conditioning, and mobile air conditioning production,

Air conditioning production line, air conditioning assembly line.


Equipment electrical control

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Equipment Suitable

- Household air conditioning

- Commercial air conditioning

- Mobile air conditioning

- Window air conditioning

Equipment Composition

-Conveyor lines for assembly production: various types of combined conveyors, such as plate conveyor lines, drum conveyor lines, suspension conveyor lines, connecting conveyor devices, etc

-The length of the wire body and the length of the workstation can be customized

-Auxiliary facilities for lighting, fans, and air slide hook lights

-Leak detection equipment, vacuum pumping equipment, refrigerant filling equipment, commodity inspection equipment, etc

-Material Call and Station Indication System

-Electronic display screen with touch technology, 19 inch high-definition model

-Control system, whole line control

-Production supporting equipment: generators, air compressors, filling equipment, component logistics transportation, assembly and maintenance tools, centralized liquid supply, etc

DesignWe will design a suitable solution based on your production planning capacity and workshop size, and the solution will be displayed in a three-dimensional format.


Quotation and Supply Cycle: We provide a detailed quotation and manufacturing cycle for the equipment (time from manufacturing to export port).


Installation: The equipment provides installation services, and the specific installation fees for engineers are quoted based on the situation.


After sales: The equipment provides after-sales service, and we will provide a detailed explanation of the specific after-sales terms.


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