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Photovoltaic module production line

Photovoltaic module production line, used for assembling and producing solar photovoltaic panel modules, for automated mass production.

The equipment consists of various automation devices.

Photovoltaic module production line and photovoltaic module assembly line.

Equipment electrical control

Need compressed air

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Equipment Suitable

- PV Module

Equipment Composition

1. Automatic glass feeding machine 2. One layer EVA cutting and laying machine 3. Automatic template feeding machine 4. String welding machine 5. Automatic swinging machine 6. Automatic busbar welding machine 7. Automatic tape sticking machine 8. Two layer EVA cutting and laying machine 9. Backboard cutting and laying machine 10. Double glass laminating machine 11. EL visual inspection integrated machine 12. Two layer glass repair unit 13. Automatic double glass edge sealing machine 14. Layer press 15. Automatic edge trimming machine 16. Manual inspection 17. Automatic framing system 18. Automatic junction box assembly system 19. Junction box welding Testing all-in-one machine 20. Automatic curing line 21. Automatic angle grinder 22. Insulation and voltage withstand tester 23. Power tester 24. EL tester 25. Automatic labeling machine 26. Final testing unit 27. Automatic grading machine.

DesignWe will design a suitable solution based on your production planning capacity and workshop size, and the solution will be displayed in a three-dimensional format.


Quotation and Supply Cycle: We provide a detailed quotation and manufacturing cycle for the equipment (time from manufacturing to export port).


Installation: The equipment provides installation services, and the specific installation fees for engineers are quoted based on the situation.


After sales: The equipment provides after-sales service, and we will provide a detailed explanation of the specific after-sales terms.


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