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Assembly conveyor line

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Pickup assembly line(SKD / CKD)

The pickup truck production line is used to assemble and produce various pickup truck models, and the equipment is composed of various automated conveyor lines. Suitable for fuel and electric pickup trucks.

Pickup assembly line, pickup production line.

Equipment electrical control

Need compressed air

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Equipment Suitable

- Pickup

- EV Pickup

Equipment Composition

-Air or ground flat conveyor lines for body wiring harness, interior, and chassis assembly

-Buried board chain assembly line

-Powertrain and rear axle assembly line

-Automatic conveying and hoisting mechanism

-Door line, dashboard line, tire conveyor line, and auxiliary equipment

-Detection line, rain proof sealing test, light channel detection line, etc

-Repair equipment, lifting platform, paint repair room, etc

-Production supporting equipment: generators, air compressors, filling equipment, component logistics transportation, assembly and maintenance tools, centralized liquid supply, etc.

DesignWe will design a suitable solution based on your production planning capacity and workshop size, and the solution will be displayed in a three-dimensional format.


Quotation and Supply Cycle: We provide a detailed quotation and manufacturing cycle for the equipment (time from manufacturing to export port).


Installation: The equipment provides installation services, and the specific installation fees for engineers are quoted based on the situation.


After sales: The equipment provides after-sales service, and we will provide a detailed explanation of the specific after-sales terms.


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