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Water pump assembly line

The water pump production line is used to assemble and produce various types of household and industrial water pumps. The assembly line helps to improve production efficiency and improve production quality.

Water pump production line and water pump assembly line.

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Equipment Suitable

-Domestic water pump

-Industrial water pump

-Stainless steel water pump

-Pipeline pump

-Sewage pump

-Various types of water pumps

Equipment Composition

The water pump production line consists of various automated production equipment

-Water pump motor production line

-Water pump impeller production line

-Automatic processing equipment for stator and rotor, winding and embedding equipment, dynamic balancing equipment, vacuum impregnation equipment

-Water pump assembly production line and water pump testing production equipment

-Water pump component assembly production line

-CNC equipment, machining centers, and robot automation

-Surface painting production line and packaging production line

DesignWe will design a suitable solution based on your production planning capacity and workshop size, and the solution will be displayed in a three-dimensional format.


Quotation and Supply Cycle: We provide a detailed quotation and manufacturing cycle for the equipment (time from manufacturing to export port).


Installation: The equipment provides installation services, and the specific installation fees for engineers are quoted based on the situation.


After sales: The equipment provides after-sales service, and we will provide a detailed explanation of the specific after-sales terms.


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